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Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten on the Lawyerist Podcast

Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten recently sat down with Sam Glover and Aaron Street to record an episode of the Lawyerist podcast. In the episode, Mary discussed year-end finances and data-driven processes in the law firm. Here are some of the highlights of her conversation:

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Mary Juetten Talks with Tom Martin on LawDroid Podcast

No stranger to podcasts herself, our own Mary Juetten sat down with Lawdroid Founder and CEO for a wide-ranging interview. The conversation touched on her life, career and education before legal tech and the lessons and influences she took from each and the path that brought her to the law and legal tech. They also discuss the founding of Traklight and the growth of legal tech since its founding, the "accidental business" of Evolve Law and its unexpected growth and unintended benefits, her work as a lawyer for Nimbus Legal and Juetten Law, juggling different ventures, legal education, plans for the future, and so much more.

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Traklight Featured on the Avnet MakerSource Podcast

Our own Mary Juetten joined the MakerSource Podcast to talk with Bob Merriman on a recent episode. Mary and Bob talked about the origins of Traklight and where the idea came from, how many startups make the mistake of ignoring or putting off IP concerns like patents or trademarks until it's too late, and the importance of protecting the "secret sauce' of your business given how many companies work in the same industry or market. They also discuss how entrepreneurs can be unaware of what they don't know when it comes to IP, and how that can lead to mistakes like not having employment agreements or NDAs for employees, not considering the security of their private data or files, or infringing on others' IP inadvertently. They also talk about how Traklight works to help startups identify their business risks and potential intellectual property and avoid early-stage mistakes with ID your IP. 

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Why Traklight is Partnering with LegalShield

While in law school, I came up with the idea for Traklight when I saw the errors made by small business owners during my time in the Tech Ventures clinic. For one company, the lack of a business entity and co-founder agreements created such havoc that it set them back a year. I distinctly remember thinking, "if only these entrepreneurs knew about some simple first steps, they could have avoided wasting time and money." Our mission at Traklight is to remove the guesswork from starting up and running a small business. We provide a roadmap to success using software to identify issues and provide education and resources.

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Introducing Our Improved Questionnaire

In business, as in life, one of the most important things you can do is ask the right questions. And there are so many questions out there, from "Should I start my own business?" to "How is this Columbia House membership NOT a good idea?"

At Traklight, our questionnaire is designed with all your business questions in mind (you're on your own with Columbia House). Sure, there's the slimmest of possibilities you may succeed charging forward at one hundred miles an hour with little regard for anything that may be considered an obstacle. But it's far more likely that the cautious, careful, and inquisitive entrepreneur will be the one to create lasting success. Our most recent additions to our questionnaire will help those entrepreneurs by asking even more questions about their business and intellectual property and create a detailed strategy to protect themselves.

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Introducing Our Free Business Risk Assessment

Traklight is always striving to offer exciting new features and options for our existing clients as well as new customers. From new questions in our questionnaire to new ways to visualize and understand your intangible assets, we have created a product that allows users to understand what they have now and what steps they need to take, both now and in the future, to protect those assets. And with our latest product addition, anyone can start this process for free.

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Introducing the TAG: Traklight Assessment Grade


You asked and we answered

During our years of working with entrepreneurs, the idea of a Traklight stamp or score has been raised numerous times. While the reports are informative with detailed information on next steps, we all like a quick, single measure that tells us how we're doing. Since we relaunched the platform last spring, we have been working hard to create an easy-to-read visual representation of your business' planning and preparedness, as well as helping to lay out a road map to future success. We're proud to say that the Risk Chart now provides that road map, and we leveraged that to create the Traklight Assessment Grade (TAG).

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Announcing Traklight's Updated Website + New Brand

Well, what do you think?! After much hard work and lots of Traker teamwork, we did it! We've been talking about this website update for a while: streamlining our message for customers, clarifying how our products can help, and for the girly-ness in me, just making it pretty (you know, with one of those infinitely-scrolling, pictures-out-to-the-edges-of-the-screen type websites). With the remodel came the chance to re-brand; the chance to spruce up our logo, and move to a brighter, more modern orange, gray, and blue theme.

Now, while that's definitely a perk (yes, I'm a marketer, so this makes me infinitely happy!), the real meat of awesomeness I can sum up with the following: updated messaging, introducing Traklight Pro, and offering our Basic IP Vault free (we also have some cool new eCommerce features, some of which we've talked about recently, others that we will introduce to you soon).

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The Worst IP Mistakes Made in 2014, Part 1

I have been very fortunate in 2014 to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the US, and even spend some time chatting on Skype with overseas early stage companies.

In the spirit of holiday lists and lessons learned, this is the first of three posts on the worst intellectual property (IP) mistakes I have seen made in 2014. Of course there is a tie to IP and money or valuation of the venture.

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New Traklight eCommerce System is Live, Just in Time for the Holidays

The Christmas season is a time when we become enamored with new things. I mean, sure, the season is about love and family and giving and some other stuff, but getting new things is pretty great too. Whether it's the hot new toy as a kid or the coolest gadget as you get older, who doesn't love getting something new under the tree? Fittingly enough, Traklight has something brand new for you just in time for the holiday, and you don't even have to unwrap it.

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What makes Traklight's IP Vault different from other cloud storage?

In today's world, you can never be too careful. The process of protecting your intangible assets, including your intellectual property (IP), can turn into a confusing, overwhelming, and expensive process. But it is a vital element necessary to all businesses. Here at Traklight, we understand your concerns when it comes to the value and protection of your IP. That's why we created our IP Vault®. So what makes Traklight's IP Vault different from other cloud storage solutions?

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From #Instagood to #Instabad and Back to #Instagood Again

I know it can be annoying or often downright difficult to figure out what is fair use and what is not fair use of copyrighted material, but that never means it is 100% free to distribute or even rebrand it as your own. If you think about it, adhering to the rules of protected intellectual property (IP) is really just a complicated version of a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: Don’t take what isn’t yours. 

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Cyber Monday Deal Extended: Save $140 on ID your IP!

Can you smell the holidays in the air? I'm talking about those scrumptious cinnamon-scented pine cones that just make you want to belt out "Jingle Bells" at the top of your lungs in the middle of the cereal aisle. 

With the holidays on our mind, we extended our Cyber Monday deal (ID your IP for only $59) though the end of the day today!

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Introducing the Business of Legal

No business wants to give away its products. As an attorney, when you spend time evaluating potential clients that don't pan out, you're giving away your product—valuable billable hours. If a client needs only basic professional services and your firm is looking for bigger opportunities, your efforts can be time wasted.

With the right technology your firm can identify a potential client's intellectual property, determine contract needs, and reveal legal issues that need your expertise. Since the process is initiated at the clerical level, most client pre-qualification information can be gathered without lawyer involvement or time. The lawyer's first notice of a potential client can be accompanied by enough relevant information to determine the next step.

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Do you have an Intellectual Property Story to Share?

The threat is there, and is every creator's worst nightmare! Zombies lurking in the mist, ready to tear your and your intellectual property (IP) to shreds. Patent trolls stalking you in your sleep, patiently waiting for the right moment to attack—

Well maybe not zombies, but protecting your intellectual property (IP) can be kinda scary. We want to stop history from repeating itself, which is why we're making another call out to the entrepreneurial community to share their worst IP horror stories. 

Just answer these simple three questions to be featured on our blog:

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Traklight Tech Talks: ID your IP Enhancements

Shay discusses some of the technical changes to our site in his Traklight Tech Talks blog.  In July, he discussed the newest IP Vault enhancements. Today's update is part 2 on recent IP Vault enhancements. Be sure to stay updated with these updates by subscribing to our blog.

Welcome back to Traklight Tech Talks! This month we’re highlighting some exciting new features we’ve added to ID your IP to make it an even more robust portrait of your business including intellectual property (IP).

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