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Potential Legal Issues Facing Startups

When you’re starting your business, it’s natural to want to focus on the things that you want to do and accomplish and put some of the more tedious chores to the back-burner. You are the innovator, the dreamer, and what creative wants to be bogged down with the nitty-gritty of paperwork and forms and contracts? But in ignoring these details at the outset of your business, you could be placing your company’s long term future in jeopardy. Frequently, it isn’t the obvious threat that seems to be staring us in the face that does a business in, but a seemingly inconsequential oversight that can spell doom for a company. Here are some areas to pay attention to early, before they grow into larger problems.

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Announcing Traklight's Updated Website + New Brand

Well, what do you think?! After much hard work and lots of Traker teamwork, we did it! We've been talking about this website update for a while: streamlining our message for customers, clarifying how our products can help, and for the girly-ness in me, just making it pretty (you know, with one of those infinitely-scrolling, pictures-out-to-the-edges-of-the-screen type websites). With the remodel came the chance to re-brand; the chance to spruce up our logo, and move to a brighter, more modern orange, gray, and blue theme.

Now, while that's definitely a perk (yes, I'm a marketer, so this makes me infinitely happy!), the real meat of awesomeness I can sum up with the following: updated messaging, introducing Traklight Pro, and offering our Basic IP Vault free (we also have some cool new eCommerce features, some of which we've talked about recently, others that we will introduce to you soon).

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Traklight 2014 in Review

As I mentioned last week, it’s been quite a year.  At this time of the year, I receive loads of family letters with highlights during the year, so here goes our celebration of our Traklight milestones and accomplishments. We share our success with all the Trakers, our amazing Advisory Board, and supporters.

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Have a Wonderful Holiday from Traklight

Here in Arizona, the holidays are weird.

There is no snow, but plenty of cheer.

The Traklight Trakers are out, and this post was scheduled,

But we’ll still remember you, on this tide-yule.

Whether you’re naughty or nice,

Made of sugar or spice,

We’ll gift you with a blog post tomorrow,

Because parting from you is such sweet sorrow.


But wait! Here's a free holiday gift:

A Basic Vault for sensitive files.

The free purchase and sign-up are swift

And sharing with another brings smiles.

Take me to the Traklight Store button



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Confessions of a Business Owner | 3 Lessons Learned in 2014

Charles Dickens hit the nail on the head when he said, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." That quote truly sums up Traklight's 2014, as we had some amazing successes as well as some stunning setbacks. But that is the nature of an early growth company; it’s a rollercoaster ride. Fellow business owners, here are my top three lessons learned from this past year. May your 2015 be increasingly prosperous!

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From #Instagood to #Instabad and Back to #Instagood Again

I know it can be annoying or often downright difficult to figure out what is fair use and what is not fair use of copyrighted material, but that never means it is 100% free to distribute or even rebrand it as your own. If you think about it, adhering to the rules of protected intellectual property (IP) is really just a complicated version of a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: Don’t take what isn’t yours. 

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Happy Thanksgiving from Traklight!

We don't have any clever stories today about intangible assets or intellectual property, but if you're reading this blog update from your inbox, or just happened upon reading our blog straight from our website, we wanted to wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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We Are LA Tech at General Assembly

“Maturing,” “emerging,” and “vibrant” are the commonly used words used to describe the Los Angeles (LA) tech ecosystem. Every night is full of multiple events across the city where LA’s tech community comes together to share about the entrepreneurial journey and offer their experiences to one another. 

The two events in the last few weeks stand out the most.

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Happy Birthday Traklight: Into the Terrible Twos*

We are two today! This is the second anniversary of coming out of beta with our first self-guided questionnaire, ID your IP. Not to be confused with the date of our first website launch (Dec 2011), first IP Vault product (April 2012), our re-launch of our completely re-factored platform (March 2014). I am sure there are other milestones to recognize...

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Welcome to Hollywood: Where the Streets Have...Intellectual Property?

It’s 9:30 pm when Elvis gets on the bus and sits down next to me. He pulls down his sun glasses, looks at me dead in the eyes, and says, “Honkey Tonk.”

Although I am still a Traker, I have relocated; my new office sits on the West end of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the past month, I have walked past the flowers and memorials of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, watched street performers do backflips over crowds of people, and have seen Mickey Mouse take pictures with tourists.

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Meet Eric, Traklight's Intern

Previously in our Traklight Trakers Series, we introduced you to one of our Administrative Interns, Erik Kuper. Today's feature is our other intern, Eric.

Eric was born in Plano, Texas, a city just north of the Big-D. Hardly calling himself a Texan as he only lived in the Lone Star State for several months, Eric has more claim to the title of “Arizonan,” having spent most of his life living in the farmlands of Gilbert, AZ.

Growing up, Eric’s family and friends were avid campers; weekends were often spent in the northern parts of Arizona relaxing in the cooler weather and roasting s’more’s over campfires. As if he could not get enough off the outdoors, Eric joined a Boy Scout troop along with his younger brother. They both progressed their way up through the ranks, ending with the rank of Eagle Scout. Although much busier now in his college years, Eric still goes out for the occasional Camelback Mountain hike and is hoping to start exploring the great outdoors through other avenues such as kayaking.

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Meet Erik, Traklight's Intern

Previously in our Traklight Trakers Series, we introduced you to Chris Platt. Today's feature is Erik.

When we interviewed Erik for this internship position, we did a little research to review his social media posting skills (as an intern with Traklight, you must possess an understanding of social media so that you can write social media posts for various platforms as required). Obviously, we liked what we saw. But after many Batman posts, we dubbed him, "Batman." Oh, and did we mention that he has a SWEET Batman sticker for his MacBook Pro? 

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How Risk in Business Can Be A Good Thing

For some reason, the past twelve months have presented me with an unusual amount of opportunity to take risks. Some of them I have taken, while others I have dismissed. The decision whether or not to take these risks was a rather boring process—with level-headed consideration about what risks would actually benefit me, and what risks would offer only a moment of adrenaline with little reward.

Some risks that I took on were minor: taking on a new project that fell outside of my skillset; offering up my work for peer reviews; wearing fire-engine-red lipstick for the first time in lieu of my standard nude gloss. One risk, however, was not just new, but HUGE. A risk where every part about it was foreign, undiscovered, uncomfortable, and unnerving.

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AZ Innovativation Summit 2014 Recap and My Experience

As a new Traker, I expected that in time I would be going to conferences and presenting what ID your IP and IP Vault are to people new to Traklight, but I didn’t expect for it to be so soon. Nonetheless, duty called for me to be present. Knowing that I usually psych myself out way too much and still am able to perform most of the time, I thought it’ll be fine. Plus, I thought it’d be cool to see what other people are creating and innovating (I wonder how many times people said “innovating” that day). 

Going in to set up for the day at the AZ Innovation Summit was interesting because I haven’t seen the large Traklight poster before and it was a 2-person effort to put it all the way up. Soon after I finished meticulously arranging the stickers into a smiley face and the pens into a T shape, I went around the hall looking at other exhibitors’s booths, of which I noticed many were based around STEM education. Many of the attendees were also educators or worked at an educational/academic institution. 

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Meet Chris, Traklight's Developer

Previously in our Traklight Trakers series, we introduced to you Maddie Gildenberg. Today's feature is Chris. At his first monthly Traker meeting, Chris proved his Traker committment when he recited our cultural values off-the-cuff. Kudos!

Emily: What did you learn about IP before you started at Traklight?
Chris: This I can honestly answer very simply... NO. It was a concept that I knew existed, but beyond the whole FBI warnings at the beginning of most movies and music I knew nothing, and because of the field I'm in I feel I should have known more.

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Meet Maddie, Traklight's Marketing Specialist

Previously in our Traklight Trakers series, we introduced to you Ashley Hoesktra. Today's feature is Maddie.

Emily: What did you learn about IP before you started at Traklight?
Maddie: I’ve never learned much past some experiences here and there where copyright infringement suits affect what I’m able and unable to view online, and how some companies are ruined because of them.

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