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Network Marketing Female Entrepreneurs: What is IP for a Solopreneur?

Women make up 82 percent of network marketers due to their many awesome abilities. Those amazing capabilities, however, also put women at risk of being ripped off. Let’s say a woman has created a jammin’ anti-aging skin cream with a proprietary blend of herbs. She tests in on herself for two years and then waits another year to see if any side effects happen. She has pictures of her progress and vines of people congratulating her. She contacted Washington, D.C. for a trademark on her product which she calls WhatAge? A trademark is an intangible asset; it isn't physical meaning it can't be touched, but it protects which makes it an asset.

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The Worst IP Mistakes Made in 2014, Part 1

I have been very fortunate in 2014 to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the US, and even spend some time chatting on Skype with overseas early stage companies.

In the spirit of holiday lists and lessons learned, this is the first of three posts on the worst intellectual property (IP) mistakes I have seen made in 2014. Of course there is a tie to IP and money or valuation of the venture.

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Confessions of a Business Owner | 3 Lessons Learned in 2014

Charles Dickens hit the nail on the head when he said, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." That quote truly sums up Traklight's 2014, as we had some amazing successes as well as some stunning setbacks. But that is the nature of an early growth company; it’s a rollercoaster ride. Fellow business owners, here are my top three lessons learned from this past year. May your 2015 be increasingly prosperous!

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Driving with the Fear While Running a Startup

At the point of near exhaustion last Friday on day nine of a 10 day trip, I got a second wind and became super-excited when talking to Becky, our Operations Specialist, about her new responsibilities managing our marketing projects. I was so happy she was stepping up and taking control. As she was talking I was almost in tears of joy, until I realized I was completely turned around—I'd driven to Marina Del Rey instead of Playa Del Rey...I could see the lights of Playa Del Rey in the distance but there was water in front of me.

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Webinar Recap: Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Hill of SixtyVocab recently presented her webinar "Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship: How to Dive in Intelligently." For those who weren't able to watch the live version, we have the recording and slides available below. Note: While this is a good overview of Jennifer's presentation, we recommend you read the slides and especially listen to the recorded presentation for a better understanding. 

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Women Inventorz Network Launches Virtual Connection Network

It is no secret that Traklight loves inventors. Our mission has been to help educate and empower those to identify and protect their intellectual property (IP), but then what? Well, the next logical step it to sell. How do you connect inventors, experts, and buyers? That's where the Inventorz Virtual Network comes in to help bring these groups together.

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Men Are From Mars, Women Might Be Too…Or At Least Me

I had the honor of sitting on the “Women in Entrepreneurship” panel in late December at an Arizona Technology Council Startup Connect AZ event with some very impressive entrepreneurs and professionals. This panel was very different from one that I moderated a month earlier in November. My panelists were for the most part younger than the women on the recent panel. And although that November group was also all female, we discussed mistakes we had made and startup lessons we’d learned without addressing the differences between men and women. 

While it was interesting to discuss some of the themes and questions around the differences between men and women, I found the interaction with other panelists most valuable. At one point, I shared my technology missteps and when I  them as more than one error a fellow panelist told me that making the same mistake twice was negligent on my part.  Ouch!

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Ten Entrepreneurial Takeaways Inspired by Wendy S. Lea

As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite parts of being in the startup world is hearing others’ stories. Too often as a female founder I am left wanting when I hear an all-male panel. That’s not to say I do not learn something; I always learn something regardless of gender. However, sitting in the front row of Startups Uncensord’s gathering #39 listening to Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction, chat with Jason Nazar, Founder of Docstoc, was inspiring on many levels.

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SUCCESS Contest Trip: Sharing the Journey (Take 1)

My trip to NYC to visit JJ Ramberg, the host of MSNBC’s new small business show “Your Business,” started early Wednesday morning with a quick workout at fellow entrepreneur Amanda Coe’s Exercise Coach (the founders at Exercise Coach created the twice per week program for busy professionals). After getting my heart rate up a bit, I rushed home to catch my 7:15 a.m. cab to the airport.

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