Every month, Shay discusses some of the technical changes to our site in his Traklight Tech Talks blog. Last month saw clarification of noteworthy software changes with our recent update. And today is the introduction of our latest feature, iframes.

Introducing_Traklight_iframeFor the uninitiated, the world of programming can seem strange and confusing, its practitioners masters of the dark arts. So when we say that Traklight is introducing an iframe, the average reader may not quite grasp what we’re talking about. To the person on the street, an iframe might sound like Apple’s latest foray into displaying your family pictures. Fortunately, Shay, our VP of Technology, is here to explain what an iframe actually is, and what it can do for you.

Q: For those without a tech background, how would you describe an iframe in a sentence or two?
A: An iframe (inline frame) can be thought of as a mini web browser. With it, you can embed a web page within a web page.

Q: What are some of the benefits to a company or firm in adding a Traklight iframe to the website?
A: The biggest benefit of an iframe is simplicity. To embed Traklight’s web application using an iframe takes only one line of HTML. The user experience can be made mostly seamless, but isn’t the true integration that could be attained by using our API (application programming interface), but more on that in a future blog.

Q: Are there any issues users should be concerned with?
A: A potential problem with iframes might depend on the browser you use; some browsers require additional configuration to display iframes due to security concerns. Also, some browsers deliver cookies from iframed sites as 3rd party cookies, which can cause issues depending on the browser’s settings.

Q: Are there any more exciting improvements or added features users should be looking for in the near future?
A: An immediate upcoming change is additional work on vault permissions. We are making these more granular so vault owners can more precisely control who can do what. Also, we are always looking to make the user interface better so there will be improvements there. We are also expanding our API, which is used by partner sites, to provide more complete integration.

Interested in utilizing this awesome new feature? Contact us for more details.

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