Every month, Shay discusses some of the technical changes to our site in his Traklight Tech Talks blog. Last month saw the introduction of iframes. And today is an update on our most recent website enhancements. Be sure to stay updated with these updates by subscribing to our blog.

Traklight_Tech_Talks_Laptop_with_Hot_CoffeeWell, it's that time again; time for me to quit procrastinating and attempt to write a blog post. We are continuing with enhancements to our web application. Some upcoming, noteworthy changes are:

  • User messages have been unified to use growl-type notification messages. This was done primarily to avoid shifting content within pages, but also to unify the code that creates these messages. They appear in the lower-right corner of the page.
  • Newly uploaded files to an IP Vault now appear at the top of the file list until the page is reloaded. Uploading files does not refresh the page any more.
  • Sorting of the IP Vault file list has been changed to be inline with most operating system's file managers like OS X Finder and Microsoft Windows Explorer. Folders appear first sorted alphabetically; files below that are also sorted alphabetically.
  • The IP Vault name is now interactive and can be edited in place. Editing the vault name does not refresh the page and uses the new growl notification messaging to indicate success or error.
  • Creating folders in the IP Vault is now more dynamic. Rather than a popup asking for information, the vault list is modified as needed. This uses the same edit control as for the vault name, so clicking the new folder entry allows you to change the name. None of these actions refresh the page and a growl notification message indicates success or error.

There are more changes to come in the vault view page. Many of them center around less perceived round trips to the server; meaning you won't see the page refreshing after every action. Instead we will send the data via what are called AJAX POSTs, which is just fancy-talk for data being sent in the background rather than foreground of the browser. Also, be on the lookout for a revamped page to manage user access to your vaults.

That wraps it up for this time. More to come as additional awesomeness is added to our web application.

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