Occasionally, the Traklight team will test a product (hopefully crowdfunded). This time, we thought we'd help out a fellow company at CEI (Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation) and post a review.

Bridge Optix currently has a campaign on Kickstarter up for their products: The removable lens attachment with a special case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the removable selfie clip (front facing camera).

On the most part, everything was fine. My favorite lens attachment was the wide angle lens because I could get a wider view of the scenery without having to step farther backwards (no more pressing myself into a wall for a group family photo indoors). One little difficulty I had was getting the macro lens attachment onto the case, but the guys at Bridge Optix informed me it must be due to different batches of the prototype causing slight measurement differences. With a little bit of effort, I had the macro lens on and ready. 

I imagine the idea of having interchangeable attachments for a point-and-shoot-quality iPhone would be useful for photographers who don’t want to carry bulky DSLRs around just for some casual photos. It’s also a bit of a gateway into photography as a hobby if you’re not ready to plonk down at least $1000 for a consumer DSLR. 

As a Traker I am pleased to see that Bridge Optix protected their intellectual property before crowdfunding, all to prevent the risk of future infringement or theft. If you are planning on having a crowdfunding campaign for your project, do the same for your own good. Click below to find out what are the missing pieces of your business’ foundation and how to solve the legal issues stemming from that. 

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My result from the Fish-Eye lens is up top as the featured image. Fisheye-Bridge-Optix-2Macro lens attachment:Macro-Birdge-Optix

Portrait before and after attaching the Portrait lens attachment, featuring Mike Willee here at Traklight:




Wide Angle Before and After attaching:





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