phone-869669_1280.jpgAs technology advances, human behavior changes. Where once we were forced to deal with others face-to-face, the internet has allowed us to communicate across great distances. We can talk to relatives who live across the country, or collaborate with colleagues on the other side of the world. But our means of communication can't make us better; they can only reflect what we already are, for better or worse.

"Subtweeting", for those unaware, is the act of tweeting about someone without placing their Twitter handle in the tweet. It's the modern equivalent of speaking loud enough so that someone will hear you when you're passive-aggressively talking about them. It's undoubtedly silly, and a bit immature. It's also the latest subject of a trademark filing by Twitter.

The world's most popular social media platform for hot takes and Star Wars spoilers filed an application for a trademark on the phrase on October 30. Twitter is no doubt eager to nail down the rights to "subtweet" after not being able to trademark "tweet".due to its use by a number of different app developers. The filing was opened for opposition on November 19th, giving other companies a chance to contest the filing if they choose to do so.

The filing is undoubtedly a protective measure on the part of Twitter. Not holding a trademark opens up the possibility that someone else will get it and potentially misuse it. The greater question is what Twitter intends to do with the trademark. Holding a trademark means that you have to use it in commerce, or risk losing it. Will we be seeing a line of shirts or phone cases for sale soon, albeit indirectly marketed to you? Only time will tell. 

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