In October, we celebrated our first anniversay as a company. During the past year, we have been very fortunate in growing our business and bringing on some incredible 'Trakers'. As we continue to grow, we also want to make sure we capture the things we find important in building our company and our team. These are the values that will help guide us in the decisions we make and, hopefully, find potential future Trakers that share the same passions.

Tara, our ever amazing Creative Director, has put together the visuals and words to help convey the meaning behind our Core Values. Now it's up to us to continue living these values.


We are Geese.

We lead. We support. We work as a team.

Observe a flock of geese working to achieve their common goal of flying south for the winter. When one goose struggles from fatigue, the other geese will honk, encouraging the flock member to keep going. The entire flock flies in a V formation, so that each goose can create lift and reduce drag for the flockmate flying behind. When the lead goose grows tired, it falls to the back and another goose steps in to take the lead. Each goose takes a turn at being the leader for the benefit of the flock. The V formation makes it easy for the geese to communicate and keep track of one another.

We are a team, made up of individuals that all share the same single goal: Traklight’s success. But we can’t achieve that without each Traker’s support, talent, and dedication. Thus, we rely on clear and concise communication, total understanding of individual roles, honest and constructive feedback, and commitment to one another. If one team member starts to struggle, it is the team’s job to recognize it and help that teammate get back on track.


We are Bees.

We seek. We solve. We serve.

Yes, bees are known for their nasty stings as well as the sticky-sweet confection that makes baklava  delicious and bears fanatic.  But rarely does anyone acknowledge bees’ fine communication and problem solving skills, and you’ll never find a flower garden named after one of their civic-minded colony members.

Honeybees can survive only as members of a community. They feed each other, protect each other, keep each other warm, and share in the burden of defending their colony.  They perform their own special dance communicating the acute position of food for the rest of their family. And they have proven to scientists they can solve computing problems faster than supercomputers.

As Trakers, we care about solving problems that protect our customers. We set out to lead the charge of Intellectual Property education, identification, and protection. We must be inquisitive, imaginative, and innovative to maintain that advantage. When a problem confronts us—whether that’s improving our product or resolving an issue—we must look at our resources and choose the best solution. It might take us more than one try, but we always learn from our mistakes and uncover effective solutions. And our problem-solving work is never done. We’re dedicated to growth and improvement, as well as to finding problems and developing meaningful solutions.

We also care about solving problems in our own and other’s communities, and are committed to honoring and nurturing our passions by finding ways to give back. We believe that taking the time to better our community gives us an outlet to share our story, make powerful connections, and nourish our spirit.


We are Wolves.

We work. We play. We excel.

Hauntingly beautiful and remarkably social, wolves are intelligent and skillful hunters that travel in packs. And while wolves’ bewitching mythology—be it The Wolf Man or Red Riding Hood—captivates popular culture, their graceful sense of fun and play has fascinated us Trakers. Wolves wrestle, chase, play tag, and stage mock fights. They signal their desire to play with smiling faces and energetic agility. Play strengthens hunting skills, establishes pack hierarchy, and develops communication.

Trakers are a pack. We are fierce. We hunt. We howl. We work hard. We take our roles seriously. We passionately care about the success of the company. And we play. We recognize that fun is a vital component of the work we do. This allows us to explore the unexpected, tackle tough decisions and difficult tasks without the unnerving tension, and form and maintain steadfast and supportive relationships. As the lore illustrates, there are few bonds stronger than that of a wolf pack—and with a pack like ours, we’re destined for greatness.