In today's world, you can never be too careful. The process of protecting your intangible assets, including your intellectual property (IP), can turn into a confusing, overwhelming, and expensive process. But it is a vital element necessary to all businesses. Here at Traklight, we understand your concerns when it comes to the value and protection of your IP. That's why we created our IP Vault®. So what makes Traklight's IP Vault different from other cloud storage solutions?

Our IP Vault is the only self-guided platform that provides you with security, simplicity, customization, and affordability. For entrepreneurs and small business owners,  this means that you can create a custom IP strategy in an easy-to-use environment, while having the piece of mind that comes with being in control. And since it is a self-guided platform, this means you can save time and money on legal fees associated with IP protection.

Since all businesses are different, we offer four different options to fit your storage and security needs, as well as your budget. These plans are available as annual subscriptions, as well as month-to-month for those afraid of commitment.

Since security is of utmost importance, all storage options come secured with end-to-end encryption. This means that when you upload your documents to your IP Vault account, they become encrypted, or turned into code. They can then only be read by authorized users. Unauthorized users don't have free access the information contained within these documents, including Traklight.

Interested in using the Vault? Start now! 

Take advantage of the FREE Basic Vault that we have made available to any and all that create an account. Sign up here. Here's a list of perfectly appropriate files to store in the Basic Vault: 

Why Care About Document Sharing?Projects or research:

  • project planning documents
  • experiments design
  • project records and laboratory notebooks
  • master technology plans, including design documents for system architecture and source code
  • the proposed hypothesis (i.e., the idea, theory, or possible solution being tested)
  • records of trial runs
  • progress reports and project meeting minutes
  • test protocols, results, results analysis, and conclusions

Escrow or data room:

  • all signed contracts
  • records of resources allocated to the project (e.g., asset usage logs, staff time sheets, financial statements, and tax invoices)
  • copies of Terms of Use or End Use Licenses
  • versions of your Terms of Services
  • all licensing and other agreements for products and services

Creative items:

  • photographs and videos
  • drawings
  • songs
  • creative writing, samples, prototypes, scrap, or other artifacts

And proof of:

  • the state of knowledge of technology that existed when research and development (R&D) was undertaken
  • the new knowledge or information concerning the creation of new or improved materials, products, devices, and processes sought through the R&D
  • knowledge that was not publicly available (i.e., a complete literature review)
  • patent or other search (i.e., Google Patents)
  • derived work or versions
  • new ideas
  • scientific or technological reviews and articles

*All of the above can help prove that you are the inventor or creator*

Maybe you're new to the world of entrepreneurship and you have no idea what IP is, let alone where to begin as far as protecting it. Or maybe you're a seasoned pro looking for a secure, simple, cost-effective way to store your business documents and ideas. Contact us for more information about IP. Let us help you understand the value of your IP, and show you what sets us apart from other cloud storage providers.

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