It is no secret that Traklight loves inventors. Our mission has been to help educate and empower those to identify and protect their intellectual property (IP), but then what? Well, the next logical step it to sell. How do you connect inventors, experts, and buyers? That's where the Inventorz Virtual Network comes in to help bring these groups together.

We've been a big fan of of the women behind Women Inventorz Network and we are excited to learn about their new Virtual Connection Network that was launched last week. This virtual network provides an opportunity for inventors to display information about their creations at a virtual booth to buyers from across the country. Experts in the fields of design packaging, product liability insurance, manufacturing, and, of course, IP identification and protection (yes, we are a sponsor) will be able to connect with inventors via Skype to help with any of the next steps needed to move them along in the process. Buyers, representing over 5,500 stores, will find inventors and learn more about their products through the virtual booths.

It is a complete connection of the ecosystem that takes products from design to store shelves and now it is available online, making it easy and affordable for all.

To learn more about the Inventorz Virtual Network and the 24/7 resources they provide to the inventory industry, go to or click on the image below.


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